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Not everyone on board with new apartment project in Pittsburgh neighborhood

PITTSBURGH — A developer has a bright vision for new high-rise style apartments in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood, but not everyone is on board.

“It would be looking out at a blank wall. We’re not sure of the material. There have been some peculiar elevations,” said Ann Haigh, of Shadyside.

Ann and her husband have called South Highland Avenue in Shadyside home for more than four decades.

They take pride in their property’s original Victorian architecture—from the crown molding to the picture windows.

Now, the Haighs and their neighbors are worried about what may be built right next to them.

“They want to come and build a building, make their profit and leave the wreckage on their neighborhood,” said Virginia Flaherty, of Shadyside.

Artisan Developer is looking to level a home just steps away and start from scratch.

Their goal is to transform the plot of land into a 75-foot tall, multi-unit apartment complex.

Some neighbors say the concept destroys the character of the area, creates even more congestion and blatantly violates zoning code.

In addition, some say there are already dozens of apartments and vacancies in the area and there is no space for cars due to street parking.

“The parking, as you can see, is horrendous in this area. We cannot take one more parking thing here!” said Flaherty.

However, some support the project and say they see benefits if it’s done properly.

“I would absolutely love new apartments in Shadyside, especially ones that are affordable for the everyday individual,” said Jordan Zwierzynski, of East Liberty.

The Shadyside Action Coalition is hosting a Zoom meeting at 6:30 p.m. tonight to listen to residents’ concerns regarding the project.

The zoning board will review the plan and vote in the next couple of months.