Police arrest suspect in 23-year-old man's death

OAKLAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Police have arrested the man they say is responsible for shooting and killing a 23-year-old in Oakland Township Wednesday morning.

Alec Miller was on the run for more than 24 hours after police discovered Maximilian Halterman's body inside a home on Davis Road.

Miller, along with Robbie Dunbar, 27, and Lamaria Franklin, are all behind bars.

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"We do know there was some type of relationship between the two. Exactly what that is we haven’t determined yet," said Lt. Dan Ekis, of the Pennsylvania State Police, Wednesday.

For more than 24 hours, police couldn't find Miller. Eventually, detectives were led to Dunbar and charged him.

"During the time of his arrest, he was arrested for hindering the apprehension of the suspect," Ekis said.

Police wouldn't say what exactly Dunbar did, but through him, they were led to Miller, who was allegedly hiding at Franklin's home in Venango County.

"Police hailed him from the residence. He surrendered without incident," Ekis said.

In the arrest warrant for 19-year-old Miller, troopers say surveillance video shows him pull into the driveway of the home where Halterman was killed, walk into the house long gun and then walk out 24 minutes later.

Police also said there are text messages between Miller in a friend in which Miller said "I went to Max house and smoked him" and "I shot him in the neck and head."