• Overbrook residents continue battle with PWSA over sewage in street


    A group of people decided to go after the Pittsburgh Sewer and Water Authority on their own after raw sewage seeped onto their Overbrook street.

    People who live on Homehurst Street have been dealing with a smelly and potentially dangerous issue for months.

    Channel 11 first told you about this back in February. Since then, people like Natalie Leon say they had to become legal experts to plead their case.


    “My neighbors and I worked together and all we did was tell the truth,” she said. “It's just a matter of money and we don't have the money for attorney fees.”

    They won, challenging that PWSA was responsible for cleaning up the sewage. Leon tells Channel 11 they went through several hearings.

    “Well, they got a second bite at the apple and they lost again,” she said.

    Leon says that officials within the health department sided with the Overbrook residents, helping them win their case.

    But it's far from over because they claim PWSA won't take responsibility and replace the line that's pumping raw sewage on the street.

    “Because of PWSA's accusations, we were charged as a private line and we never were, the city serviced us for 70 years,” Leon said. “But they're spending thousands when it can only cost them $5,000 to fix the whole break! It makes no sense to me.”

    Channel 11 reached out to PWSA for a comment but haven't heard back.


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