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State Health Department grants 27 medical marijuana dispensary permits

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced Thursday it has granted 27 dispensary permits for medical marijuana.

The permit recipients will have six months to prepare their operations before they can begin dispensing medical marijuana, the department said.

There will be a total of 52 dispensaries located throughout the commonwealth. Each of the 27 dispensary permit holders is eligible to open a total of three locations, though some have opted not to open all eligible locations.


In southwestern Pennsylvania, permits were issued to the following businesses:

  • Maitri Medicinals LCC (Allegheny County)
  • Keystone Relief Centers LLC (Allegheny County)
  • Cresco Yeltrah LLC (Butler County)
  • The Healing Center LLC (Washington County)
  • Keystone Integrated Care LLC (Westmoreland County)

Keystone Relief Centers LLC is slated to open on Forward Avenue in Squirrel Hill, near the Squirrel Hill Tunnel. The group also plans to open another location in Zelienople.

"Think of us as a highly specialized pharmacy," said Mary DelBrady, of Keystone Relief Centers. "We're dealing with pills, creams, and when you walk in here, it's going to look like a pharmacy."

The groups have six months to renovate and become operational. Then they will have to pass an inspection before they can start providing the drug to patients, something the Health Department hopes will begin next year.

DelBrady said there are a number of security measures the groups are required by the state to meet.

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"We have security systems that we are required to put in place, but that we will very seriously put in place. And we're very serious in terms of who the investors are that want to see this happen," she said.

Pittsburgh City Councilman Corey O'Connor said the company is a good fit for the location, which has been vacant for years.

"They're going to (have) their own private security, and then when the product is dropped off, as well as when the money is taken out, there will be two armed guards through that process. It's all going to be protected in the garage with a safe and it is going to be locked. There's going to be security cameras all around," O Connor said.

For a full list of the 27 dispensary permits issued, CLICK HERE.

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