Pennsylvania restaurants hit harder by pandemic than others across country

PITTSBURGH — It’s an everyday fight to keep the lights on and continue driving customers to bars and restaurants.

A new study showed some of your favorites are dangerously close to closing within the next 90 days, and the restaurant owners said something has got to give.

It’s a harsh reality at Chace’s at Gabriella’s along East Carson Street in the Southside.

They are still serving up some of their most popular breakfast dishes, but the last year has been incredibly difficult.

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A new study showed 20% of restaurants could permanently close within the next 3 months.

The National Restaurant Association and Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association forecast the grim numbers.

The ongoing statewide restrictions coupled with staffing cuts have put many in a difficult predicament.

The survey also revealed only 11% of restaurants owners planned to hire more people in future.

Pete Henderson of Chace’s said he’s not giving up.

Pete Henderson, Owner Chace’s at Gabriella’s

“I put everything into this. I’ve been here since the whole covid started. I’ve actually never shut down. I’ve lost my employees. But I’m not just gonna give up. As long as customers come in we do alright,” Henderson said.

In the meantime, Henderson said they’re doing more with less.