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People step up to help those stuck around region during height of snowstorm

PITTSBURGH — Wheels spinning, cars were sliding and got stuck all over the region as heavy snow kept falling Wednesday.

Pittsburghers, though, stepped up, including a Port Authority driver who pulled over to help push a woman’s car back on the road.

“She was struggling, not too familiar with the snow. I was out here pushing. He stopped the bus, got in and helped clear the road,” one witness described.

Good Samaritans were out helping each car stuck on McKnight Road.

“6-to-8 inches? I have no problem being out here helping people. It’s all about helping each other through difficult times,” one man said.

“Oh my gosh it was crazy,” Matilda Roberts said.

“We were slipping and sliding around,” Brian Roberts said.

The relentless snowfall continued well into Wednesday night, with some areas picking up over a foot of snow.