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Phones down: Pa. bill would prohibit drivers from having cellphones in hands

A Pennsylvania bill seeks to prohibit drivers from having their cellphones in their hands while driving.

House Bill 37 was introduced by Rep. Rosemary Brown, who is calling for action to help stop distracted driving crashes related to phone use.

The legislation would not allow hand-held use of cellphones while driving.

Drivers caught with their phones in their hands would face a $200 fine.

The following age restrictions on what drivers can and can’t do when their vehicles are stopped are included in the bill:

  • Drivers under the age of 18 and permit holders would not be able to use their cellphones on roadways, even when their vehicle is stopped. Use is permitted if the vehicle is stopped outside of a roadway.
  • Drivers who are 18 and over who have a valid driver's license would be able to use their cellphones while their vehicle is stopped.

Many drivers use their cellphones for GPS. Based on the proposed legislation, that would still be permitted -- as long as the cellphone is affixed to the vehicle’s surface.

CLICK HERE to read House Bill 37.


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