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Pine-Richland School District moving forward with new football coach

PINE, Pa. — The football coaching staff at Pine-Richland School District will not be rehired despite public outcry over the last several weeks.

Channel 11 reported on the hazing and bullying allegations surrounding the team and its former coaching staff, including head coach Eric Kasperowicz.

In a lengthy letter, the district detailed several issues including an interview with the head coach in which he, “refused to take responsibility and ownership for aspects of the football program. He deflected questions, minimized serious issues, pointed fingers at others, and at times acted in a combative manner.”

The coach later apologized.

Still, the district says the culture of hazing and bullying that arose cannot be minimized and is unacceptable.

The letter went on to say every administrator and board member involved in their investigation agreed not to renew the coach’s contract, and that they have received threatening emails because of this.

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