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Pittsburgh authorities prepare for possible protests over the weekend

PITTSBURGH — Authorities in the City of Pittsburgh are preparing for possible protests over the weekend.

Pittsburgh Chief of Police Scott Shubert spoke publicly against the action of four Minneapolis police officers that possibly resulted in the death of George Floyd. One of the officers has been arrested and charged with third degree murder and manslaughter.

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The encounter with police and Floyd was captured on video before he died at a nearby hospital. The event has sparked days of rioting, looting and fires throughout Minneapolis.

“Something as passing a bad bill or writing a bad check should never be a death sentence for anybody. We train our officers not to do those kinds of tactics,” Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said.

Peduto spoke about the events in Minnesota at a news conference Friday.

Gov. Tom Wolf also addressed the situation.

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“Even though this happened in Minnesota, this has relevance here in Pennsylvania. Racism is not right there, it’s not right here, and we have to do everything to make sure, especially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is welcomed to everybody,” Wolf said.

Pittsburgh Public Safety is preparing for demonstrations and possible protests in Pittsburgh. A small group of peaceful demonstrators held signs calling for justice outside of the FBI building Friday.