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Pittsburgh elementary student found at school bus garage after parents reported her missing

PITTSBURGH — A girl was found at a school bus garage after she didn’t get off a bus with her siblings at their stop Thursday afternoon, a Pittsburgh Public Schools spokesperson said.

Her parents reported her missing, and police found her Thursday evening at the W.L. Roenigk bus garage in McKees Rocks, the spokesperson said.

“We don’t take any of this lightly so we are putting all of our efforts into this especially right now,”said Samantha Weber, human resources administrator at W.L. Roenigk Inc.

The elementary student had apparently fallen asleep on the bus. The bus driver was fired, and the incident was reported to ChildLine, according to the spokesperson.

“There is no excuse for any of this. Child checks are the utmost importance in this industry so it is an inexcusable offense,” said Weber.

Investigators say the girl is 5 years old and attends Pittsburgh Beechwood in the district.

The bus company is now meeting with managers and reviewing the child check safety protocols to make sure this never happens again.

Zone 6 is handling the investigation, which is ongoing. No word on charges.