• Pittsburgh International to build new landside terminal

    Pittsburgh International Airport officials announced on Tuesday that they will be building a new landside terminal.
    They will be investing $1 billion into modernizing the airport and the plan will not use local tax dollars. 
    “The airport is no longer new. I know we sometimes refer to it as the new airport, but it's 25 years ago,” County Executive Rich Fitzgerald said.
    Airport leaders said they'll be getting rid of the current landside terminal and making just one.
    They will also be getting rid of the train that currently takes passengers to the airside terminal. They said that alone costs $3 million a year to maintain.


    The new terminal will have an expanded security checkpoint, a reduced number of gates to make it more streamlined and efficient, a newly configured international-arrival process, and an improved baggage-delivery system. It will implement modern technology throughout the terminal.
    “This plan makes sense for our current and future needs and is cheaper in the long run than retrofitting the current landside facility,” said Christina Cassotis, airport CEO.
    This project is expected to bring in 10,000 jobs. 
    You can learn more about the new landside terminal project at pittransformed.com.


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