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Pittsburgh leaders declare May 23 as Teen Mental Health Awareness Day

PITTSBURGH — Lt. Gov. John Fetterman was at an event on Sunday for mental health.

Fetterman and Pittsburgh leaders proclaimed May 23 as “Teen mental health awareness day.”

They say this is a crucial time for teens, as nearly 50% of parents said their child has experienced a new or worsened mental health condition since the start of the pandemic.

“Just a lot of isolation. Especially with the pandemic, it’s forcing everyone to stay home and trapped inside of their head,” explained PA Youth Advocacy Network representative, Connor Dalgaard. “That’s kind of the main thing I want to try to change. To know no one’s alone, and everyone has an outlet. They just have to find it.”

The PA youth advocacy network includes representatives from 26 different high schools who are focused on helping teens with their mental health.

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