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Pittsburgh mayor, former president of United States both send well wishes to injured Steeler

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is sending a message directly to Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier.

Channel 11 reported Thursday that he had spinal stabilization surgery after a serious injury during Monday night's game.

The mayor spoke to Channel 11 Friday about a number of different topics.

"The one thing is, and I'm saying this directly to Ryan: This city is behind you, brother, 110 percent," Peduto said.


Like the rest of Steeler Nation, Peduto is praying for Shazier.

He told Channel 11 he was in Chicago the day after Shazier was injured and he had the opportunity to meet with former President Barack Obama.

"And the first thing he asked me is how is that kid doing, so this country is with you as well," Peduto said. "Let's hope for the best.  He's got the best care in the world right here at home, and he has the ability and the strength to go over adversity much better than you or I, and he has the commitment of an entire city that is working right there with him."