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Pittsburgh mother furious over 7-year-old’s ‘creepy underwear’ assignment

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh mother is very upset after her 7-year-old daughter received a questionable homework assignment online.

Her daughter is in second grade at Pittsburgh Liberty in Shadyside. She told Channel 11 while she was helping her daughter with her homework, one of her assignments asked her child to “post a picture of your creepy underwear” online.

The mother said it was disturbing, inappropriate and now demands the teacher be fired.

She reached out to Channel 11 to warn other parents what happened.

“I’m upset about it. I don’t want my daughter engaged in anything, uploading anything personal to the internet," said Briahna Grant. “I was so angry I took pictures of it.”

The assignment asked students to post a photo or describe their underwear.

Grant immediately called the school and said the principal apologized and told her the librarian posted the assignment after reading the children a book for Halloween.

Channel 11′s Jillian Hartmann took her concerns to Pittsburgh Public Schools for an explain on why this happened. District officials issued the following statement:

“The District is aware of a questionable activity assigned by an educator as part of a class reading of the Halloween themed book Creepy Pair of Underwear. The assignment has been removed, and the incident is currently under review. As this is a personnel matter, no further information is available.”