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Plum mayoral candidate dies unexpectedly Tuesday night while playing softball

PITTSBURGH — A man who hoped to be the next mayor of Plum -- a place he grew up and still called home -- passed away suddenly on Tuesday night.

We’re learning tonight that Shawn Marcellino – Plum’s Democratic nominee for mayor -- died after his aorta ruptured during a softball game.

His family told us what started off like any other softball game quickly took a bad turn.

Marcellino briefly complained of chest pains and sat down to let the feeling pass. Once he collapsed, both teams sprinted to try to help him. He lost consciousness while waiting for the ambulance.

He was just 40-years-old.

“It’s a shame when anybody dies but particularly a young person,” said Harry Schlegel, the mayor of Plum. “I was shocked, absolutely shocked. I feel really bad for his family.”

Schlegel said Marcellino was always friendly and polite.  They were set to run against each other in the November election.

“He wanted to get involved in this community and he decided to run for mayor,” Schlegel said. “I was looking forward to running against him.”

The family said Marcellino died doing what he loved and his last at bat was recorded as a hit.

The family says funeral arraignments will be finalized in the coming days.