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Police documents reveal how suspected police chief killer avoided capture

Channel 11 has exclusive new details about the man police believe killed a police chief in Butler County and then disappeared for 37 years.

It has a lot to do with his wife.

New police documents paint her as fiercely loyal, helping fugitive Donald Webb spend his remaining days in a secret room in their home and following his instructions to dig a backyard grave when he got sick.

Channel 11 obtained a state police affidavit from our sister station, WFXT.


It says Adams’ killer started going by the name John shortly after the slaying.

He spent his dying days inside a secret room inside a house in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, not far from Boston.

That hidden room was the size of a large shower stall, built in the basement.

A system of hooks and locks prevented anyone from accidentally opening the door.


When Donald suffered a debilitating stroke, he instructed his wife, Lillian to start digging a hole in the yard.

When a second stroke took his life in the late '90s, Lillian buried his body behind a shed.

According to a search warrant, state police last week found Donald Webb's body, a green Tupperware storage container Lillian used to move his body, and a .22-caliber revolver.

Lillian ultimately led police to her husband's body, striking a deal with prosecutors, so she wouldn't be charged.

She is still living in the home with the secret room.