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Police find farm animals, exotic pets living inside Homewood house

PITTSBURGH — Two goats, two pigs, four chickens, four reptiles and a scorpion were all found by police responding to a reported assault at a house in Homewood on Monday evening.

According to police, when officers arrested a man related to the assault, he told them about the animals living inside. The animals were found living in what police described as poor conditions, and Animal Care and Control officers were called to the scene.

Three dogs who were being kept outside were all taken by officers, including one dog that was pregnant.

“It’s crazy to know a lady had all those animals like that in her house,” Bryan Smith said.

Smith lives nearby and said he never would have expected something like this.

Police said it is legal to have pigs and goats within city limits, but certain requirements need to be met. The homeowner was clearly in violation, investigators said.

The animals are now being cared for at Humane Animal Rescue and the pregnant dog had a C-section.

“She gave birth to 9 puppies. They are doing well, the mother is doing well,” said Dan Rossi, CEO of HAR.

“We want to remind people that went the temperatures are 30 and below, dogs cannot be left unsupervised for more than 30 minutes,” Public Information Officer Chris Togneri said.