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Police investigating sexual assault at Waterworks Cinemas

PITTSBURGH — Police are investigating a reported sexual assault at the Waterworks Cinemas in Pittsburgh, officials said Friday.

Zone 5 officers and sex assault detectives are handling the investigation.

The theater’s district manager says they’re cooperating with the investigation, but moviegoers were surprised to hear of the attack.


“That really surprises me. Inside?! Wow, that really, really surprises me,” said Sandy Grentz.

Police provided few details but Channel 11 can report that the victim approached other moviegoers last night after the alleged incident.

Police were immediately called and interviewed the woman and are gathering more evidence at the theater and from the security cameras.

Movie goers told Channel 11 they never feel unsafe at this theater.

“Absolutely never,” said Phyllis Stern. “Never, because it’s almost as if whomever is in theater looks out for each other, you talk to each other, you make friends with each other.”