• Police: Man strips naked, breaks into several homes


    ALIQUIPPA, Pa. - Aliquippa police are investigating a bizarre situation that unfolded near Davidson Street this afternoon.

    Around 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, police officers arrested a man near Davidson Street, but the unusual part was he was naked.

    His arrest comes after he was completing HVAC work at a home. The man began displaying some odd behavior. 

    The homeowner then kicked him out and called police.

    “While we were en route, this individual broke into another house next door, removed all of his clothing then proceeded to get back in his vehicle,” said Aliquippa police Sgt. Jon Cochran. 


    Police said he hit a number of cars while behind the wheel.

    “We actually found one of the cars, car parts are all over the ground, the window is shattered and the side mirror knocked off,” Cochran said. 

    Then he allegedly broke into a woman’s house, while still not wearing any clothes.

    “This elderly female merely stated that ‘he’s inside’ and ‘he’s as naked as a jaybird’,” Cochran said.

    Police were eventually able to arrest him after he allegedly assaulted a woman and a neighbor held him at gunpoint.


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