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Push to ‘re-skill’ people for jobs in tech industry

PITTSBURGH — Federal data shows the leisure and hospitality industry lost about 8 million jobs when the pandemic hit and it has only recovered about half. Only about 300,000 tech jobs were lost and the industry has already gained most of those back. There’s a big push to re-skill people and get them back to work.

“When the pandemic struck, the restaurant where I was working closed temporarily and then reopened with only part time hours. And I had a decision to make about my future,” Frankie Mulheran said.

She decided to go in a radically different direction. She hadn’t owned a computer since college but signed up for a coding boot camp with a company called TechElevator.

“I was just blown away. With enough dedications and with support, and people there to help you, you can do it,” Mulheran said.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for tech jobs is there. Jobs in computer and IT are expected to grow 11% this decade with more than half a million new jobs created. The average wage for these jobs is $88,240.

“We’re really trying to provide accessible learning to those individuals who may not have seen a career in tech before,” said Jennifer O’Brien with TechElevator.

O’Brien said they’re helping workers with their 14-week software development boot camp. 92% of graduates find jobs within 180 days.

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