• PWSA announces new director of administration, hopes bill issues will stabilize


    The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority is hoping a familiar face will help stabilize issues with customer bills.

    On Wednesday, the utility announced Julie Quigley as its new director of administration.

    She spent more than two decades working for the PWSA in several capacities including billing, a system that fell apart after she left in 2011.


    Quigley left PWSA in 2011 and she was proud of the utility's billing system.
    Six years later, she's coming back to a much different story.

    "It's just not known in my experience and my work environment to not get bills out the door. When you hear that happening you're disturbed and you want to come back to make it right," Quigley said.

     Her role focuses on billing, customer service and information technology.

    Over the last two years, 11 investigates discovered billing problems for thousands of customers. Problems for some that still exist today.

    Quigley told us today that’s something she's tackling immediately.

    "They have made vast improvements and we look forward getting that completely stable within a very short time frame,” Quigley said.

    Interim executive Director bob Weimar hopes fixing the billing will not only improve the system, but help gain back customers trust.

    "We don't want the customers to suffer any further loss of confidence of their bills while we try to solve these kind of problems,” Weimar said,



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