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Residents take complaints about immigrants moving in to borough leaders

CALIFORNIA, Pa. — People in living in California, Washington County say immigrants are causing a problem.

We got several emails and calls into our newsroom about this.

The California borough building was packed Thursday night as people who live there came to complain about Romanian immigrants who moved into the town after school ended.

Borough leaders, who wouldn't go on-camera, said there have been complaints about them defecating in the street, and cutting off chicken heads. But added it's probably, “a culture shock for the community.”


The man in charge told Channel 11 ICE brought them to a housing development there. He says while they don't have the same culture as this area, they haven't done anything violent.

Neighbors told Channel 11 they want something done.

“I think they are a bunch of bigots and racists in this community,” said resident Larry Papini.

“While I think we should have been notified and they shouldn't be here, I think we need to bridge the gap and create a better community while we figure out what's going on,” added resident Caleb Natali.

Borough leaders say other than enforcing the ordinances already in place, there's not much they can do.