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Residents in Center Township argue for noise ordinance against local drive-in theater

BUTLER, PA — Since last summer, Suzanne Wilson said her quiet Center Township home has been rocked by the sound of live concerts due to a local drive-in theater.

“Not just music events, comedians and they take place on weeknights through the week. There’s no rules, no regulations,” Wilson said.

On Monday evening, residents took their complaints to the board of supervisors. They are asking the board to create a noise ordinance.

The council said they have been in contact with the Starlight Drive-In owner, who was willing to find the best solution for everyone involved.

Owner John Manson said that they have been hosting concerts since 2016 and to keep from going under during the pandemic, they held drive-in concerts.

“We toned down the sound to make sure we are in a reasonable limit and the shows all end at 11 p.m,” Manson stated.

Manson says that they’ve even installed traffic signs and use orange cones to ensure the safety of those around the venue.

Residents at the meeting that argued in favor of the drive-in said that it is a great place for families and the venue generates revenue for a handful of businesses in the area.