Scam: Calls claiming to be from local police department, FBI seeking Social Security numbers

OAKMONT, Pa. — People in Oakmont have been getting fraudulent calls claiming to be coming from a representative of the borough’s police department or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

People who have gotten the calls have been told their personal information was used in a fraudulent scheme and that they need to provide their Social Security number or financial information, such as their bank account number, as part of their investigation.

Oakmont Police Chief Michael Ford said one woman answered the fraudulent call because her caller ID said it was the police department. Thankfully, she hung up and reported it. The next day, she got another call claiming to be the FBI, and she reported that call to police, too.

In a warning to residents about the scam, Oakmont police said no one from the department or the FBI contacts anyone by phone to request personal information.

Anyone who gets a call from someone claiming to represent the Oakmont Borough Police Department should immediately end the call and contact Oakmont police directly, preferably using 911.