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Local school districts beef up security thanks to state grants

MONROEVILLE, Pa. — Local school districts are beefing up security thanks to state grants.

The Pennsylvania School Safety Committee gave $25,000 grants to nearly 500 school districts statewide last year.

The money was allocated to be used for security.

Friday, Gateway School District showed Channel 11 the metal detectors the school board purchased with the grant.

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“We used that grant money for these metal detectors and that is something the Gateway School Board has looked at off and on for several years," School Board President Mary Beth Cirucci said.

Pa. Sen. Jim Brewster toured Gateway as well Friday to see the progress.

“What we're trying to do is give each school district a baseline so no one is disadvantaged and folks out there know there children are safe. Some school districts are further along than others," he said.


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