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Sister of alleged victim in foster mom sex abuse case reveals new details

The sister of a young man who was allegedly raped hundreds of times by his foster mother is speaking out for the first time.

Joelle Barozzini, 46, of Greensburg, is accused of having sexual contact with the teen while he was a foster child in her care.

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The teen's sister said she tried to get officials to take her seriously when she repeatedly claimed Barozzini had an unusual relationship with her then-16-year-old brother.  She said she spoke to her brother's CYS caseworker years ago, but thought no action was taken.

"I had mentioned it didn't seem right. It was off. So clingy together," she said.



She said Barozzini insisted he call her "mother" and didn't allow him to use that term for his biological mother.   She also said Barozzini was constantly buying him expensive gifts and wouldn't leave his side, whenever his biological relatives came to visit.

In a complaint against Barozzini last week, police said that the teen's former CYS caseworker did speak up and reported her suspicions to her supervisor. However the caseworker was reprimanded for gossiping.

On Wednesday, the teen's sister told Channel 11 she never knew that the caseworker had taken her concerns to a supervisor.

"i don't think should have been punished, especially coming from us, his family. They should have looked into it," she said.

Police said former Greene County CYS Director Dee Dee Blosnich-Gooden required the caseworker to take ethics training and never investigated the allegation.

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"You would have to go through all these documents, all this paperwork and all this investigating. I think she just didn't want to do it," she said.

Blosnich-Gooden, who was currently working for Washington County, resigned after the court documents were filed last week.

She said she feels relief that the first steps towards justice for her brother are in the works.  She says what Barozzini allegedly did has scarred her brother for life. The alleged victim is now 24 years old.

"I hope you rot in jail for the rest of your life. I hope your family is as broken as ours is, and that you get the full punishment for everything you did to us," she said.

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