• Snowmageddon: Looking back on the major snow storm


    PITTSBURGH - Snow is common across western Pennsylvania but this year we have yet to see any ‘big’ snows. We’re down on snowfall for the winter season by almost 3.5 inches in Pittsburgh. 

    But if you think back to 2010, there was a massive storm that did make the record books. That storm is commonly known as Snowmageddon.


    Now in its ninth anniversary, folks are still reminiscing about the February 2010 storm that wreaked havoc in cities from coast to coast, but most notably the Mid-Atlantic. The storm caused more than 40 fatalities, including deaths in Mexico as well as the United States. 

    Pittsburgh was the first major city to experience part of the nor’easter’s heaviest snow, raking in 11.4 inches on Feb. 5 and an additional 9.7 inches on the 6th -- that’s 21.1 inches in two days!

    Three days later, almost 8 more inches of snow fell over a two-day span.

    Snowmageddon is currently ranked as the fourth largest snowstorm on record, just behind the March blizzard of 1993 in which 25.3 inches of snow fell.

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