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Lockdown lifted, student in custody after firearm found in Pittsburgh’s Carrick High School

PITTSBURGH — A gun was recovered at Carrick High School after it went into lockdown Tuesday, a Pittsburgh Public Schools spokesperson said.

A student is now in custody and facing criminal charges related to the incident.

“The lockdown was necessary as city and school police responded to reports on social media of a firearm inside of the school.” That is the recorded phone message parents received as they anxiously waited outside of Pittsburgh Carrick High School this afternoon.

Allegheny County, City of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Public Schools Police surrounded the building for hours.

“Do you see me shaking?! I’m worried. I’m concerned,” said Maggie, a Pittsburgh Public Schools parent.

Only Target 11 obtained video of two male students inside a school bathroom. We’ve blurred their faces, but if you look closely—it shows one of them waving around a gun and pointing it at the phone as they both gesture their hands. We are told this video posted on social media prompted the school’s lockdown today.

Sources tell Target 11 that the gun was later found in a coat inside a locker.

“The gun was found and the message on Facebook was that another child took a picture in the boys bathroom,” said Maggie.

PPS confirms a canine conducted a search and safely recovered the weapon. Shortly afterward, a student was taken into custody.

Tonight, some parents are wondering how a gun got into the building with security and metal detectors present.

“This stuff should not happen! There’s enough of it that’s been going on that it shouldn’t be occurring,” said Maggie.

PPS has not identified the student responsible for bringing the gun to school.

All families were notified about the lockdown and updated safety plan for tomorrow.

The school will now operate on a modified lockdown Wednesday. That means no one is allowed in or out of the school without an appointment.