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Some changes could be coming as COVID-19 cases jump to record highs in Allegheny County

PITTSBURGH — Allegheny County officials warn some restrictions could be in the works as COVID-19 numbers rise to record highs.

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald said we must take preventative action and he wouldn’t be surprised if there were minor changes on the way. However, he said any move would not be as restrictive as the lockdown in the spring.

Possible changes could include mask enforcement in public places when people aren’t able to social distance and limits on gatherings.

Fitzgerald said families are being encouraged to think twice about gathering for the holidays.

“There’s no way to limit something in someone’s living room, but we’re going to make strong recommendations … Thanksgiving, for example. Halloween was not good. There were so many parties and the spread we saw that came from them, it was not good,” Fitzgerald said.

Businesses, Fitzgerald pointed out, have been very compliant and health officials are not seeing a spike in cases there.

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