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State: Flu striking Allegheny County much harder than anywhere else

The state Department of Health says influenza is “widespread” in Pennsylvania as the new year begins, but nowhere is being hit as hard as Pittsburgh.

In fact, if you combine the reported cases in Berks and Northampton counties, the second- and third-worst-hit counties in Pennsylvania, the number is still lower than Allegheny County’s.

As of Dec. 30, Allegheny County has tested positive for 906 cases of the flu, nearly 10 times higher than the average in Pennsylvania, according to the state. Of those, 849 are for type A.


Statewide, the number of cases grew rapidly through December, with more than 4,500 cases being reported just in the last three weeks of 2017.

The state noted the count only includes documented positive tests, and that the actual number of people afflicted with the flu is much higher because not everyone goes to the doctor or gets tested for the illness.

So far, six people have died in Pennsylvania this season as a result of the flu, the state said. Four of the victims were 65 or years old or more.

Channel 11 found out many flu sufferers are trading their beds at home for a hospital bed.

Officials at Allegheny General Hospital are reporting higher than normal numbers of patients coming into the emergency dept with the flu, and just as many being admitted for treatment.