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Man arrested following shooting, hours-long barricade situation in Washington County

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Melvin Ringer was arrested on attempted homicide charges after a shooting outside of his Canton Township home this morning.

Ringer, his wife and the victim had been drinking when police say his wife told him she wanted a divorce.

Investigators say Ringer’s wife told him she was leaving him for the man they were drinking with at the time, and he demanded they both leave.

Officers say as the victim was walking away with a case of beer Ringer shot him in the back.

According to police paperwork, Ringer’s wife helped the victim into a vehicle to take him to the hospital.

The vehicle’s back window was shot out.

Ringer barricaded himself in the home, causing a situation that lasted for hours.

”I believe his wife drove him to this rage,” Ringer’s sister told Channel 11. She did not want to give her name.

”My brother Melvin has the biggest heart. He’d help you, he’d give you the shirt off his back, He’s an alcoholic but he’s a good man.”

The victim was taken to Washington Hospital where he’s in critical condition.

His family tells Cara Sapida the bullet narrowly missed his heart.

Both families are related.

Ringer’s sister told us they’re cousins.

”I love Boo, he’s my cousin,” she said. “I’m very sorry this had happened to him. I’m sorry all of it happened.”

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