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Swastika symbols found at two Mt. Lebanon schools, parents sending strong message of concern

PITTSBURGH — On Friday, school administrators in Mt. Lebanon spoke with students about a troubling trend happening on their school campuses; swastika symbols found in the student restrooms.

The symbols have been discovered at Lincoln Elementary School and Jefferson Middle School.

“The swastika found inside a bathroom stall is the third occurrence this spring in one of our schools. An investigation began immediately and the Mt. Lebanon Police Department is now involved,” said Dr. Timothy Steinhauer, Superintendent of Schools.

Parents tell Channel 11, they are concerned with the recent revelations.

“I am just totally horrified by it,” said Brian Keeling, parent.

“I think you have to have a really serious age appropriate conversation about it,” said Jenna Keeling, parent.

“I really hope, since it is an elementary school, I hope it is kids who do not know anything or any better; and I would really hope it was not from something they were learning or seeing somewhere else,” said Brian Keeling.

The school district as well as the community’s police department are using the recent incidents as a learning opportunity.

“We take these incidents seriously. This is an opportunity for us to educate kids on the importance of words and symbols. We are working with the school to help them investigate and any disciplinary action will come from the district,” said Mt. Lebanon Police.

Superintendent Steinhauer tells Channel 11, administrators, teachers and school staff all received anti-bias and anti-discrimination training, adding – they are committed to fostering an inclusive environment.

“We will continue to ensure that these incidents become essential learning opportunities to educate our students to understand the full meaning of this hateful symbol and all that it represents. The hurt that it causes our Jewish Community is profound and – in turn – impacts all in our school community,” said Steinhauer.