Teen shot in shoulder while riding school bus home in Pittsburgh

Teenage student shot on school bus

PITTSBURGH — A 17-year-old was shot while riding a school bus home Monday night in Pittsburgh.

Around 6:30 p.m., police were called to a hospital, where they spoke to the student who had been on the bus after leaving New Academy Charter School.

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The bus driver drove the victim to the hospital and told police she had heard two to three shots.

One of those shots hit the 17-year-old boy in the shoulder.

Police said the shooting occurred in Arlington near Spring Street and Arlington Avenue.

"I heard three distinct shots, definitely the sound of a firearm discharging,” said Kait Rogers, who heard the commotion. "We were just sitting in our living room in the house and we could hear it. Our walls are thin so we could hear it very distinctly through the wall."

A spokesperson for New Academy Charter School emailed Channel 11 the following statement:

"The investigation into this isolated event last night where one of our vans was struck by random gunfire from outside the vehicle is receiving our highest priority.  We are fully cooperating with law enforcement and no serious injuries were sustained in the incident."