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Uber driver banned from Pittsburgh International Airport after running inside to use restroom

FINDLAY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — An Uber driver says she has been banned from the airport after running inside to use the restroom.

“I have a 4.94 rating with Uber. I’m in top-two percentile. I have over 3,000 trips that have originated or ended at the airport over the past four years,” said Krissy Rothaus.

Rothaus said this happened on a slow day in December when she was the only driver there. When her two passengers began loading their luggage, she asked if they would stay with the car so she could use the bathroom. She told us the bathroom is visible from the curb and she was back in just minutes.

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There are normally portable toilets available for the drivers, but Rothaus said a storm had knocked them over.

“Let alone they are so disgusting, most females will not use them,” she said.

Drivers are not allowed to leave their car unattended. When she returned, a man was photographing her license plate.

“I received a text from Uber saying because I received a citation from the airport, I’m banned from the airport indefinitely from drop-offs and pickups,” Rothaus said.

Uber told Channel 11′s Cara Sapida they’ve asked the airport to reconsider banning drivers with minor citations. They’ve also asked for paper citations to be handed out, so drivers are not blindsided. The company sent Channel 11 a statement:

“Pittsburgh Airport has a policy that makes it almost impossible for drivers to know when they’ve received a ticket and requires us to remove drivers access to the airport with no opportunity to appeal. The airport has refused to update the policy to be more accommodating to drivers despite our repeated requests for several years.”

Airport officials also sent Channel 11 a statement in response to the story:

“Safety and security at Pittsburgh International is our highest priority. We are investigating this matter and will work with Uber to identify a resolution.”