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Unexpected visitor: Bear hangs out in Cranberry Township neighborhood

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — This Memorial Day has been like no other, especially in one Cranberry Township neighborhood where residents had an unexpected visitor — a black bear.

The bear wandered into the neighborhood Monday afternoon. That’s when police alerted a neighbor who was having a cookout.

The bear made itself at home inside a fenced yard on Robinhood Drive, where we’re told the family was out of town.

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It climbed one tree then another and spent hours tossing and turning as it slept and occasionally climbed down and walked around.

The game commission told Channel 11 black bears are always looking for food and are not dangerous, but they will attack if they feel threatened.

Word traveled fast, and curious neighbors had to catch a glimpse, but at a safe distance.

According to the game commission, when the bear feels safe, it’ll make its way down the tree and be on its way.