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UPS truck catches fire in driveway of Armstrong County home

FREEPORT, Pa. — A UPS truck was gutted by fire after what witnesses described as an explosion as it delivered a package to a home in Freeport, Armstrong County.

The truck caught fire in the driveway of a home on Furnace Run Road, leaving behind oil and melted plastic.


“There's glass and there's metal pieces embedded in the driveway,” Carolyn Bowser, the homeowner’s mother said. “They can't even drive over it to get their vehicles in the garage.”

Bowser told Channel 11 News that the driver said he had just delivered a package to her son’s home, and the truck’s engine started smoking as he backed down the driveway.

“When we first got here, the truck was still smoldering. They got the basic fire out, but they were in there digging around, taking packages out of the back and hosing them down because they had also gotten on fire,” Bowser said.

No one was injured.

UPS said it is contacting vendors and customers whose packages were damaged so that they can be replaced. Bowser’s son has also been contacted about the damage to his driveway.

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