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Video captures devastating fire at local public works garage

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Surveillance cameras captured the moment a public works garage in Butler County went up in flames just before noon on Sunday.

Minutes after thick, black smoke poured out of the top corner of the building, flames started shooting from the roof -- ripping through the garage doors.

It will cost Clinton Township more than $1 million to replace everything inside, including two snow plow trucks that were melted down by the blaze.

The fire burned down the main garage that stored almost all the public works equipment for the area. Heavy machinery and other important, expensive equipment and tools were either destroyed or damaged.

Thomas Hartwig, the township manager, told Channel 11 the next step is seeing where they stand with the insurance claims before beginning to clean up, replacing equipment and rebuilding the garage.

Wither more winter weather on the horizon, neighboring municipalities like Windfield Township, Middlesex and Cranberry have stepped up to help Clinton Township -- donating plow trucks and other equipment.

Saxonburg fire officials said it took eight departments to get the flames under control. A major challenge was that the closest fire hydrant was a half-mile away.

Luckily, no one was hurt, and the municipal building next door was spared.

The Butler County fire marshal is investigating what caused the fire.