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Video captures intruder entering little girls’ bedroom

ROCHESTER, Pa. — A Beaver County mom is speaking out, claiming an intruder roamed through her home early Monday morning, entering through her young daughters’ bedroom as the family was asleep.

Video captured by interior security cameras show the intruder moving a fan that was placed within the window around 2:30 a.m. and stepping into the home as the little girls were in bed.

“My kids could have been kidnapped,” said the mother, who asked to remain anonymous for safety concerns. “It’s truly scary. It’s terrifying as a mom.”

The victim told Channel 11 she has no idea why the intruder targeted her Virginia Avenue home. Shortly after entering, he turned off a lamp and unplugged the cameras, she said.

He then moved to another room and reportedly stole an iPhone.

“I got a feeling someone was watching me so I opened my eyes,” she said. “I seen like a blurry figure walking toward the front door.”

The crook got away as the mom ran to see if her kids were okay. Her one daughter, she told us, is shaken up and fearful that the “boogeyman came through her door.”

The family recently moved to the house and is now beefing up security.

Rochester Police told Channel 11 they are investigating but have not identified a suspect. The family hopes officers will review surveillance video and catch the intruder. Anyone with information is asked to call police.