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Vote pushed back for proposal to end traffic stops for minor violations in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — A vote on proposed legislation to stop Pittsburgh police from making traffic stops for minor violations has been pushed back.

The legislation was expected to be approved Monday, but the city council vote now won’t happen until next week.

Councilman Rev. Ricky Burgess introduced the legislation in November. Last week, city council pushed the proposal forward.

Under the proposal, city police would not be able to pull people over for minor violations like having a single taillight or headlight out. Drivers also would not be pulled over if their vehicle inspection, registration or emissions sticker is fewer than 60 days expired, as well as if the license plate is not placed properly but is still visible.

Burgess points to statistics that show a disproportionate number of black men and women are pulled over by police in Pittsburgh.

If the legislation is approved, Burgess said the city will have 120 days to train officers on the new policy. He said that was discussed with the public safety director and the police chief.