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WATCH: Cosby juror opens up about what really happened during deliberations

PITTSBURGH — One of the jurors from Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial told Channel 11 News that they didn't find alleged victim Andrea Constand believable, and the jury was hopelessly deadlocked from the beginning.

In an interview with Channel 11's Aaron Martin, the juror said the votes were 7-5 or 5-7 for most of the deliberations. The juror spoke on the condition of anonymity, but allowed Channel 11 News to record and use their voice.

“Whatever the man did, he's already paid a price and suffered,” the juror said. "There's no question he gave her a pill."


Describing it as a “true deadlock,” the juror contradicted an earlier report of a 10-2 split, saying that did happen at one point but that several jurors changed their votes back before the tally could be sent to the judge.

He also talked about the tense atmosphere as jurors spent nearly a week deliberating in close quarters, a room 13 feet by 16 feet. After 52 hours, they couldn't reach a verdict on any of the three counts of aggravated indecent assault against Bill Cosby.

"The tears came toward the end," the juror said. "It was so tense."


There was very little physical evidence in the case against Bill Cosby, so much of it hinged on who the jury believed. This juror wouldn't say which way he voted, but he openly questioned the allegations made by accuser Andrea Constand.

It took 52 hours of deliberations before the Allegheny County jury deciding Bill Cosby's case realized they were deadlocked.

"It was hopeless from the first time on," the anonymous juror said.

He also questioned why the charge was brought forward now, especially after a previous district attorney declined to file charges in 2005.

"The statute of limitations was running out," the juror said. "I think they created this whole thing, a case that was settled in 2005 and we had to bring it up again in 2017."

He was also bothered that Constand waited a year to report the incident to police.

"That's hard for me to believe, that I've been injured and it takes a year to report."

The Montgomery County District Attorney already announced he's refiling the charges against Cosby.

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