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Wexford family suing Steelers' Sean Davis over Snapchat video

Sean Davis, a safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is now the center of a lawsuit.

“He did not single out this young man. He did not intentionally demean him in any way. It was more of a pan shot of the back kitchen area of the Chick-fil-A, just commentary on the delay in service,” said Eugene Lee, Davis’ agent.

The young man he’s referring to is a 16-year-old boy who was waiting on Davis at the Chick-fil-A drive-thru in Cranberry.

The teen's family said their son was bullied over a Snapchat video Davis posted in December.


According to court documents, "Sean Davis stated that Chick-fil-A got little kids. This kid like eight years old. No wonder the lines be so long at Chick-fil-A."

Lee said that’s not what happened.

“Saying that they were youthful kids working in the kitchen and that was it,” said Lee

According to the lawsuit, Davis engaged in cyberbullying and harassment of a minor.

Channel 11 looked for Davis on Snapchat but couldn't find a profile.

“We were sorry. We were absolutely sorry that this video caused him to receive more slack at school. We were sorry and empathetic to that,” Lee said. “They wanted us to admit and to apologize to intentional cyberbullying which was not true.”

The teen's mother told Channel 11 her child is a Steelers fan. She said the Steelers offered to give the family a Davis jersey, but they rejected the offer.