Why more than 1 million people visit Ohiopyle State Park every year

OHIOPYLE, Pa. — Hiking. Biking. Fishing. Whitewater rafting. Camping. Scenic waterfalls, the Great Allegheny Passage and more converge in the tiny town of Ohiopyle, and after a trip, you’ll easily see for yourself why more than a million people visit the adjoining state park every year.

According to our partners at TribLive.com, park operations manager Ken Bisbee said the park is one of the top five state parks in the state with between 1 million and 1.3 million people passing through each year. Last year, the park recorded nearly 1.4 million visitors as people fled outdoors to find a way to get clear of COVID-19 lockdowns. Bisbee said that number may even be underreported as a major construction project in town meant all of the park’s traffic counters couldn’t be used.

“We are a destination. We’re much busier than a lot parks,” he told TribLive.com.

Another major draw to Ohiopyle State Park is its proximity to other major attractions in the region. Bisbee said people can camp at the park and easily head out to Laurel Caverns, the Flight 93 National Memorial, Fort Necessity and Fallingwater.

Plus, every fall, there’s a day solely dedicated for the brave of heart to try their hand at going over the iconic waterfall.

Bisbee said the name Ohiopyle is from when Native Americans still lived in that area and translates to white, frothy water.