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Woman arrested for shooting man during breakup at Plum home

PLUM BOROUGH, Pa. — A woman has been arrested for shooting a man multiple times Wednesday evening at a home in Plum Borough, police said.

Plum officers were called about 5:30 p.m. to Emerald Drive, where the man was found suffering from gunshot wounds to his chest, shoulder and hand.

The man told police Crystal Veasey shot him and that they were going through a breakup, according to a criminal complaint. He said Veasey was visiting from Ohio, and after he asked her to leave his home during an argument, she began firing shots from his gun.

After an altercation, the man was able to run out of his home to yell for help, he told police. He said that during that time, Veasey got a knife from the kitchen and began chasing him.

Upon being taken to a hospital, the man was reportedly taken into surgery in critical condition, the complaint stated.

Veasey left the home before police got there. She was found several miles away, police said.

Veasey, 38, is charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and tampering with or fabricating evidence.