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Woman charged after prostitution sting with child inside home, police say

A Greensburg woman has been charged after police conducted a prostitution sting.

An ad on, a site commonly used to advertise for sex, led a Greensburg detective right to the front door of Shaina Dickant's home on West Second Street.

The online advertisement said it was a "once in a lifetime deal" from a 21-year-old said to be located in Greensburg.


Detectives said they texted the number in late September and set up a meeting for $180 an hour, but with the stipulation that the visit had to take place in the house because the woman's 3-year-old daughter was sleeping inside.

On Thursday, Channel 11 knocked on the door of that home.

"That's honestly absolutely not true. Nothing like that ever happened,” Dickant said.

She said she didn't even know she was charged with prostitution and child endangerment, and denied ever having an online ad, or putting her child in danger.

Detectives said Dickant allegedly told them she had only been involved in prostitution for a few weeks and needed the money.

"I'm obviously going to call a lawyer now. Apparently, hope for the best. That's all I can do,” Dickant said.

Police said she's facing even more charges because her child was sleeping inside the home at the time of the sting.