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Woman charged with stabbing newborn, father says God told her to do it

A Swissvale woman stabbed her eight-day-old son and his father Friday, police said, claiming the child was created “by the devil.”

Tanishia Fielder, 32, is charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and related charges.


The baby was stabbed near his eye. Neither his condition nor his father’s are known.

Police responding to the scene arrested Fielder when they arrived, as she allegedly told them, “I stabbed the baby, that’s the devil baby,” according to a criminal complaint.

Police say Fielder said she stabbed them because God told her to do it, according to the complaint. She said God told her she needed to kill the baby, dismember him and throw him in the garbage because he was "by the devil.”

Police found a knife hidden beneath a garbage bin behind the apartment building. Witnesses who attempted to help the victims before Fielder chased them away told police she was carrying a knife that matched the one found under the bin, according to the complaint.

The boy’s father, Darwin Hanner, told police he and Fielder got into an argument earlier in the day and he saw her with a knife, according to the complaint. He said she chased him and the baby with the knife and the baby was stabbed and was bleeding.