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Woman claims self-driving Uber struck her car, left the scene

A woman is questioning whether Uber’s self-driving cars are ready for the road after she says one of them struck her vehicle last month.

Jessica Mclemore said she really didn’t' give the test cars too much thought until the night of Feb, 24 when she said one crashed into her car.

“I just think the Uber company needs to take responsibility that these cars are not safe,” said Mclemore.


Mclemore told Channel 11 she was behind the wheel of her small sedan and her sister in the passenger seat when she said she was hit by a self-driving Uber in the strip.

She said there was an operator in the driver’s seat - who she said took responsibility - telling her the car was in test mode.

“He assured me Uber would take care of everything. He said we will make sure we get you a ride home, we'll tow your car and we'll take care of the damages,” said Mclemore.

Mclemore said none of that happened - the driver left but she couldn't because the heavy front end damage to her car. It was undrivable.

“I feel like I was taken advantage of. They told me what I needed to hear in order for them to leave,” said Mclemore.

Uber got back to Channel 11 saying they got in touch with the insurance company for Mclemore and their own insurance company.

Uber did not respond directly to Mclemore's feelings that the self-driving technology is not safe for the streets and the company did not say if there will be any changes or actions taken because of the crash.