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Woodland Hills School District changes policies with new commission

Woodland Hills School District is starting the process to change its policies after a video of a school resource officer surfaced.

The actions seen on camera led to the creation of a new commission at the school.

This is the list right here:

Twenty people are named in this commission, including parents, religious leaders, business owners, elected government leaders and law enforcement.

“The human development and the academic pursuits is what the commission is going to be about,” said Jerry Zahorchak, a commission co-chair.

He and Karen Farmer-White are co-chairing the new Commission on Youth Development and Learning.

They say the goal is to first focus in academics and human development, working to find ways to improve the culture and challenges that face Woodland Hills High School and the diverse student body.


“It's my hope that our results will become a model for other school districts,” Farmer-White said.

The commission comes after protests and two surveillance videos showing incidents between school resource officers and students that got national attention.

Superintendent Alan Johnson said those issues will still be addressed, but not by this commission which has a broader focus.

“They’re being investigated, they're being looked at, but in the end all they will do is address the specific instances,” Johnson said. “But if we don't do something to address the cause of them, we’re failing in our duty.”

The commission plans to have its first meeting within the next two weeks, with four to five meetings over the summer, and have their first report ready by the beginning of the next school year.

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