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Worker at local bakery seen on video licking fingers while making doughnuts

PITTSBURGH — The owner of a local bakery is shocked after seeing a video of his employee licking her fingers as she is preparing doughnuts.

In the video, after she licks her fingers, she sprinkles something over the doughnuts.

Then she proceeds to lick her fingers and touch the doughnuts again and again and again.

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This happened at Paddy Cake Bakery in Bloomfield.

The video was sent to Channel 11, and a crew immediately approached the business owner to see if it was legitimate and get his reaction.

The owner, Patrick Connolly, is shocked and told us he didn’t know about the video.

So we showed it to him.

Connolly said the employee is new.

He said his team bakes around the clock, and he can’t always be at the bakery to know what is going on.

“She’s only been here a few days, and I didn’t know what was going on,” Connolly said.

Now that he knows about it, he’s taking quick action.

“She’s gone. She will be gone,” Connolly said. “You just don’t do that in a bakery.”

Paddy Cake Bakery has been around for 37 years. We looked into the bakery’s most recent health inspection reports.

Two COVID-19 assessments had no violations. There were a few hygiene issues from a 2019 health inspection report.