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You can now send tips over text message to the Baldwin Police Department

BALDWIN, Pa. — One local police department launched another way for people to communicate with its officers.

The Baldwin Police Department is now using a service called TIP411. It’s a tip line for non-emergencies.

“I get nervous sometimes to call the police,” said Raquelle Reinheimer.

Raquelle Reinheimer owns Xtend Studio in Baldwin. She likes the idea of Tip411. She can easily think of past situations where she could have used TIP411, but now that she knows it exists she plans to utilize it in the future.

“If I’m driving, I might witness someone swerving down the road and that kind of scares me a little bit,” said Reinheimer. “It could be a drunk driver. It could not be. It could be someone falling asleep at the wheel. Like I said I get nervous sometimes to call the police, but like I said if I could send a quick text, not while driving, to let them know hey I think someone ahead of me might need assistance before they cause an accident. I think that could definitely help.”

Unlike 911 or the City of Pittsburgh’s 311 service, you don’t call 411. Instead, if your local police department subscribes to it, you can text tips to “TIP411″ which is “847411.” In the message, you first send your location, such as “BALDWIN” or “MLPDTIPS” for Mt. Lebanon. Text your tip. You can also send a picture. Once you’re connected, you can text back and forth with a police officer in that department. There’s also an app.

The Mount Lebanon Police Department started its Tip411 service several years ago. The department says it’s been very successful. Point Park University launched it back in 2017.

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