144-pound, 15-foot python captured by Florida snake hunters

A pair of snake hunters in south Florida captured a massive, 15-foot, 144-pound python in the Everglades.

Nicholas Banos and trapping partner Leonardo Sanchez spotted the giant snake while driving last weekend.

"I saw a little gloss, and I saw a big square patch and automatically, I knew what it was," Sanchez said in an interview with WPTV.

THESE EXIST IN FLORIDA?! Two hunters risked getting killed to capture a 15-foot, massive, Burmese python in the Everglades -- but not without a fight.

Posted by WSVN-TV on Tuesday, April 4, 2017

But spotting the huge reptile was easier than catching it. The two men struggled to capture it.

“I started to try to pull it so it wouldn’t go into the water, and the snake just turns straight around and beelines toward my face,” Banos said.

His partner eventually grabbed the snake by the head and the two managed to get it into a huge snake bag, WPTV reported.

The two men are part of Florida’s python challenge, an ongoing effort to help rid the Everglades of pythons, which are an invasive species that can harm the wildlife and change the ecosystem.